Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lost in the Fifth Tone

Okay so first you need to understand that there is a group called *Ncense that records Orthodox chant and that that is not a joke. You know that they are actually composed of Orthodox Christians because anyone else would have chosen a name that is not impossible to google properly.

Then you need watch this video, which I made just for you after paying for this song even.

I am not crazy for thinking they sound like Kanye's "Lost in the World", rite? Around 1:06 maybe? 1:50? Something in the chords catches me every once in a while and I swear there are similarities.

EP has been just a bucket o'learnin lately! First we discover Lady Gaga's secret Venetian ambitions, and now Ye's gratuitous thievery from the World's Only Orthodox Boy Band (preserve us).

Why yes, I am having the most fruitful Clean Week ever, God with you.

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