Monday, March 21, 2011

Lady Gaga meets the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus

With a good bit of Eddie Izzard's Mr Kite (Across the Universe) thrown in, and heaven knows what else. Whether you watch House or not, watch this:

I am very impressed. Hugh Laurie is, of course, a wonder. Really loving the fingerless gloves and gaudy rings, but then, I would.


  1. Oh dear heavens, YES!

    Have you seen The Fall (trailer here)? I loved the story and visuals.

    Also, a fun appropriation of cabaret/broken girl dancing in this performance of "Life Upon the Wicked Stage." The backup dancers are from the B'way production of Cabaret, the song is from Showboat.

  2. I have, in fact! I tried to get the PB to watch it with me but alas, haven't been able to do so yet. I LOVED it.

  3. Also, delightful news for everyone reading this post: the video is free on itunes in high def!