Thursday, October 14, 2010

A curious discovery (UPDATE)

Headlines I saw in the Moscow Times RSS feed today:

"Hobbits and Scythians Prepare for Census"

"Corruption Battle Bogged Down By Complacency"

"Moscow to Rebuild Venezuelan Slums"

"Governor Finds Worm in Kremlin Salad"

Even for the Moscow Times, these are bizarre headlines. Incredulous and wondering if it was some new April Fool's Day equivalent over in the MSD, I clicked through, only to find entirely different headlines on the pages themselves. The above four were transformed into, respectively:

and, of course,

No part of this post is a joke.

Today, Moscow Times, you win.

UPDATE: Just looked at the RSS feed again and they got rid of the funny headlines! Very bizarre. Glad I gota screenshot, at least.

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