Sunday, October 10, 2010

A collection

of unedited texts recently sent from my phone:

10:05: "Christ, brian wasn't one of the ones arrested was he?"
13:23: "Found your pot!"

2:58: "Chris says you should play Peter pan at some point in your life, fyi"

23:23: "Lots of security guards right outside fyi"

23:53: "From a Catholic perspective: a) it is proper to understand saints' relics as art (in addition to other things) b) it seems perverse to understand them as art"

10:33: "Creation is the greatest redemption from suffering is also less obtuse."
10:38: "ART IS CREATION. This is not complicated."
10:48: "Satan, the ultimate individual, incredibly aesthetically compelling figure, etc. I don't think I'm crazy here."
11:04: "R: my wallpaper right or wrong! Beauty is the measure of all things..."
14:33: "How impressive is benching 315?"
15:43: "How is that a Wilde reference? Art is the most extreme form of individualism. Art is radical individualism. Art requires radical individualism."

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