Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today we are all two-headed monstrosities

The heads think and eat separately.
"The Skazka Zoo in Yalta said Wednesday that the albino California Kingsnake has two heads that think, react and eat separately, though one is more passive than the other.

Dmytro Tkachov, a zoo worker taking care of the snake, said he puts a barrier between the heads when feeding the snake lest one eats the other. The snake will be on display until mid-September. The zoo would not provide further details." - The Moscow Times
- - - - -
"He was glad that most of his charges were where they were, out of mischief, neatly stuffed, preserved for eternity by camphor balls in highly polished glass cases; but over one he mourned. This was a two-headed calf which was strangely lovely in form, it was like a design made for a bracket by the Adam brothers; its body had the modest sacrificial grace of all calves, and it was a shock to find that of the two heads which branched like candelabra one was lovely, but one was hideous, as that other seen in a distorting glass.

'It was perfectly made,' lamented the old man, 'it was perfectly made.'
'Did it live after its birth?' asked my husband.
'Did it live!' he exclaimed. 'It lived for two days, and it should be alive today had it not been for its nature.'
'For its nature?' repeated my husband.
'Yes, its nature. For the peasant who owned it brought it here to our great doctors as soon as it was born, and here it did well. I tell you, it was perfectly made. But for two days did the beautiful head open its mouth and drink the milk we gave it, and when it came to the throat, then did the ugly head hawk and spit it out. Not one drop got down to its poor stomach, and so it died.'" - BLGF

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