Saturday, July 9, 2011


One more thing about the Christian/Atheist Turing Test I mentioned here-- y'all free to speculate as to which entry is mine, though please do so in comments here and not at Leah's blog, as she doesn't want "too much homogenization of beliefs". For what it's worth there was a significant period of my life when I was an atheist, and an agnostic, and back and forth between the two, and my answers were written based on how I remember thinking about things then, and actual conversations I've had with atheists.

All told, however, it was a very eye-opening experience. More once the experiment is done. Will be writing my sincere answers today-- that entry will be pretty easily identifiable, I imagine!

Remember, voting ends Sunday!


  1. Since the voting period is almost over here anyway, I'll bite and speculate that your Christian entry is #9. Something about it feels stylistically similar to other writing of your's that's shown up at Unequally Yoked. Interesting piece, regardless, as is the whole exercise. Makes me wonder if I should add Reasons and Persons to the unending list of books I should read.

  2. I am very flattered, but no! #9 is, however, a good friend of mine.