Thursday, August 5, 2010

Notes from an unfinished smoking piece

Found this in an old-ish word doc today. The following is completely unedited.

health is only for the tomb
compare non-smoking readers to over-eager converts never going to church (y'all just can't get it)
Dasein and Dunhills
show, don't tell
heuristic not for judging character, but Character
egalitarian breach of intersubjectivity
suits all emotions/aesthetics (Gogol Bordello's “Alcohol”)
never alone! (dining hall, newspaper, who needs that many words when all I want is one: Marlboro)
“infinitely customizable, always recognizable”?
not like ether, or some other erstwhile fashionable narcotic- tobacco as modernity, inescapable, the anxiety of being(-in-the-World)/theodicy/angst?"

I was going to finish the article, but figured anything I write won't really live up to that.

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