Thursday, October 13, 2011

TS: A Sentimental Journey

"When the Rogatin Regiment, about four hundred strong, saw the Germans bayonet their commander right before their eyes, they went wild with rage and slaughtered the entire German regiment to the last man. The potential for this kind of fighting did exist, but two things killed it. The first was the criminal, triple-damned, foul, ruthless policies of the Allies. They wouldn't go along with our peace conditions. They, no one but they, blew up Russia. Their refusal allowed the so-called Internationalists to the fore. For an explanation of their role, I'll cite a parallel. I'm not a Socialist--I'm a Freudian.

A man is sleeping and he hears the doorbell ring. He knows that he has to get up, but he doesn't want to. And so he invents a dream and puts into it that sound, motivating it in another way--for example, he may dream of church bells.

Russia invented the Bolsheviks as a motivation for desertion and plunder; the Bolsheviks are not guilty of having been dreamed.

But who was ringing?

Perhaps World Revolution."
- Viktor Shklovsky, A Sentimental Journey

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