Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Iconic" Fashion

Not quite what Turgenev had in mind when he wrote "Living Relic", but these runway shots from Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring '07 collection remind me of something burst from an Icon (is that heretical? God save me).

Apologies for the hiatus; the winter holidays were followed closely by a death and a third bout of quinsy for me, but will hopefully be writing more soon. February should provide me with more than enough blog fodder, between CPAC next week and surgery the week after. My doctor tells me I won't want to so much as think about smoking or drinking the first 10 days afterward, and even if I do it'll cause all manner of complications if I don't give my throat a good three weeks to heal. Expect a lot of very, very frustrated writing (or repeated hospital visits, if my sense of immortality gets the better of me). Ora pro me.

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