Monday, December 20, 2010

The way to an atheist's soul is through her stomach?

Decorated cookies with Leah of Unequally Yoked yesterday. Don't think we made any breakthroughs regarding her crypto-gnosticism or apparent fondness for Jane Austen, but I did get some sweet cookies out of the deal.
Had a lot of fun being the sole conservative at this get-together. Left to right: paying homage to the 'Pythagorean Brotherhood', an apparently rabies-infected GO-pachyderm (couldn't resist, sorry), and John Galt's pig.
Vaguely Soviet looking star, a snowman-shaped cookie reimagined as a cannon, Russian patriotism as baked good, and a Cairn terrier.

(Yes, Russian patriotism as baked good is probably stuffed with mushrooms and looks like this, but cut me some slack.)

Merry Christmas!

Vaguely related: here is a lovely story about Saint Silouan and atheists (start at "After his experience of the tortures of hell...").

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