Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An interview

Was just interviewed for about an hour and a half by some folks from Newsweek doing a documentary on the tea parties and the midterm elections. I'm apparently the only person in the entire Yale Political Union willing to defend the Tea Parties, so I was one of their token conservatives. They interviewed me shortly after the debate; happened to be wearing one of my most mis-matched outfits of all time, as all my clothes are in the wash- purple harlequin tank top, bright blue blazer, two different earrings, unwashed, scruffy hair and almost no make-up. Fairly sure I came across as a blithering idiot- as though everything I've been thinking and talking about for the past four years, and my reasons for holding the positions that I do, had flown out of my brain. Really, sincerely hoping they don't use much of the footage. Very, very annoyed that I wasn't able to better use the opportunity.

They asked me where I get my news/who I trust for policy analysis and for some bizarre reason all I could think of in that moment was Cafe Hayek, Robin Hanson and Dan Larison. If that makes it into the documentary... well, I might be alright with that out of allegiance to absurdism alone.

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