Friday, July 2, 2010

Head colds and flash mobs

Ill and behind on work as I am, and also somewhat excited by the prospect of two days entirely to myself in the city, I decided not to go to Karelia with the rest of the group. Once my host mother noticed that I was sick, however, the following happened in fairly rapid succession:

-she brought out an old glass thermometer, which I was instructed to place under my armpit and keep there for five minutes (she explained that she also has a 'normal' digital thermometer, but that in her opinion it does not work nearly as well)
-she gave me a little bottle of nose drops and rather hilariously demonstrated how I should use them (this happened during breakfast, by the way)
-she brought me a mug of bright yellow liquid that sort of tastes like what hot lemonade would taste like if hot lemonade tasted good. It apparently has many vitamins, and needs to be drank four times a day, followed by brief walks outside

Tomorrow is DOSTOEVSKY DAY. I am especially excited about the "флеш-моб Dostoevsky-style" (flash-mob): the organizers are scattering people around the city who at various times will begin reading passages from his novels- the idea is to get large groups of people to randomly show up at pre-ordained places together reading aloud from his novels, thereby creating a living, moving monument. Some of the rules on the flash-mob site include "Не смеяться, не улыбаться, не дурачиться" (don't laugh, don't smile, don't fool around) and, of course, "Не быть сторонним наблюдателем" (don't be a bystander). I may have to break that last one, but I definitely want to witness at least one of these "mobs"!


  1. That sounds amazing! I am so heartily in favor of literary flash mobs.

  2. I wonder if it is at all possible to be simply a bystander at a flash-mob. Dostoevsky? Interesno!